About us

IDS Australia was founded in 2009 in the heart of Canberra. The Madrid system (officially the Madrid system for the international registration of brands) is the primary international system that facilitates the registration of trademarks in multiple jurisdictions around the globe. The legal basis was formed by the 1981 multilateral agreement of Madrid for the international registration of brands, as well as protocol established for the Madrid Agreement (1989).

IDS Australia ensures that trademark law remains simple and affordable. We use an online automated system that meets international standards.


Domain names

A domain name is a unique name on the internet. Usually domain names are used for websites. You can protect your domain name from third parties who want to register the same extension.

Trademark registration

Trademark registration is one of the most effective ways to build and protect a brand. You can register your trademark at both national and international level. Register your brand today.

International Trademark

Is your company also active outside of Australia? Then you can also register your trademark at an international level. This way you can also protect your brand outside of Australia.